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twill1962 - October 21, 2012, 1:25 am, #240086
Ideal Denial has it right. Even though the mass media in this country DOES indoctrinate the girls in this country to dress and behave a certain way, it is still THEIR CHOICE. In most Muslim countries, there is no choice.
GFNeves - April 29, 2011, 6:49 pm, #217686
So true man, so true...
Verdeckt - April 28, 2011, 4:59 am, #217531
Thanks.. glad you guys liked it..
Mooooooooooooooooooo - April 27, 2011, 6:22 pm, #217496
Good Point!
marlygirl - April 27, 2011, 1:31 pm, #217474
this is a very thought-provoking poster. great job 5L
k386109 - April 27, 2011, 1:26 pm, #217473
Right ...as if we in the West don't indoctrinate ( or allow it ) our young females to be annorexically thin, dress like tarts, paint their faces etc., etc., etc. Perspective - good title
Hawamleh - April 27, 2011, 5:34 am, #217446
As an arab muslim I totally agree, did u guys know that burkas were originally intended only for the most beautiful of women if they so please to wear them so that they can escape men's lustful eyes, and even then it wasn't intended to cover the face...
IdealDenial - April 27, 2011, 2:17 am, #217443
Forgive the poor grammar, its early in the morning here
IdealDenial - April 27, 2011, 2:16 am, #217442
The key difference is that most of the clothing choices are exactly that, choices, the burkha is enforced upon the women who in their society are usually indoctrinated from a young age, and do not get to choose what they wear.
Master - April 26, 2011, 1:25 pm, #217383
P A S S, as in "mountain pass", "pass" a test", and so on. There is a brain-dead suit in there, somewhere. Yes, that is redundant.
Master - April 26, 2011, 1:24 pm, #217382
...pass... What is with the misspelling??
Master - April 26, 2011, 1:23 pm, #217381
But... But... "airbrushing, plastic surgery, and unrealistic standards" are PROFITABLE, and thereby receive a free pass!
forseti - April 26, 2011, 12:47 pm, #217377
this is awesome!! 5 lions


Muslima -

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EmilioDumphque - April 21, 2013, 2:33 pm, #245257
If only they would stick to flipping people off.

PERSONAL IDENTITY - If you don't have one, whats the point of taking pictures?

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PuppySlayer - March 20, 2011, 3:16 pm, #214767
"which one are you" "I'm the one in black" "oh...."
GySgt1811 - March 17, 2011, 2:20 pm, #214513
Me, too!
Claire - March 17, 2011, 3:37 am, #214482
Sometimes I wonder what this place has come to.
GySgt1811 - March 16, 2011, 4:26 pm, #214424
Good afternoon, Claire. I can help you with one.
Claire - March 16, 2011, 3:12 pm, #214413
I want to know who the twenty one people voting this above a one are.
MilDoc - March 16, 2011, 1:45 pm, #214403
I like the ph**o bomber behind her!

NSFW - Rules are rules

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culos - March 7, 2011, 4:12 pm, #213736
every once in a while a newb stumbles on vintage material, perfect way to get it bumped out of the grave....
CpnKangaroo - March 7, 2011, 2:37 pm, #213735
didn't know people still commented on mine
Greeny - March 6, 2011, 11:26 am, #213688
That would be a hassle
culos - March 6, 2011, 10:37 am, #213685
KIT in mass production, I hope they have enough Hoffs to drive them
SteveOh - March 6, 2011, 7:36 am, #213671
they look like ninjas to me
David A - February 24, 2010, 11:28 am, #160474
I get the one in the back! She's h**!
R.S.Jake - February 23, 2010, 6:11 pm, #160366
What is this? Motifake Girls gone wild? Bunch of tramps!

FASHION - Hand Over The Cash! I'm Getting Myself A Lady Gaga Wardrobe !






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forseti - September 27, 2010, 9:33 am, #195695
interesting point, culos...
culos - September 27, 2010, 9:04 am, #195693
Did anyone of you ever consider that the Burka might be a blessing if you're b***-ugly?
Hawamleh - September 27, 2010, 9:01 am, #195690
See In These Parts, They Don't Conform Because Of Fear Of death, They Do It Because they Were Brainwashed.. this is what i feel is so great about this, it can be seen just as you want to see it... it shows others your own ignorance.
rerun - September 26, 2010, 8:55 pm, #195649

I agree 100%, I would rather "conform" to a standard I don't agree with than die a horrible death, t least there is a hope for beter things to come.
tellitlikeitis - September 26, 2010, 8:51 pm, #195648
Ignorance on their part maybe, but it definately beats being stoned to death by not abiding by the rules. No disrespect, but sometimes, it's just easier to "give in" and pretend then show the real true self "as a strong intelligent woman".
rerun - September 26, 2010, 8:21 pm, #195642

while she respected the wished of the husband (whom she walked behind) she was embracing the freedom of the society in which she now lives.
rerun - September 26, 2010, 8:20 pm, #195641

may very well be true. I know that when I see a woman dressed like this in the US, I wonder about the mindset. Last time I saw something like this here was about a week ago. Woman had head dress on, long black dress (?) and h** pink leggings. I knew that
TheTrashHeap - September 26, 2010, 8:14 pm, #195638
Though far from natural. National may have been a better word. Or cultural even.
TheTrashHeap - September 26, 2010, 8:13 pm, #195637
I took it to mean the ignorance suffered by these women and the effect their treatment has on their society. Their ignorance is the natural disaster.
rerun - September 26, 2010, 8:10 pm, #195634

I would say in that part of the world it is probably taught, however in this case the ignorance probably refers to western world view of these women.
jameswnash - September 26, 2010, 8:07 pm, #195632
It poses the question, is ignorance a natural occurance or a taught one
rerun - September 26, 2010, 8:04 pm, #195630

@ tell....great observation.
tellitlikeitis - September 26, 2010, 8:00 pm, #195629
The way I see it, is that people can't see how really beautiful these women are being covered up, it's a natural disaster.
Reality Lord - September 26, 2010, 6:15 pm, #195623

i don't get it either. good title/caption but the pic alienates to many of us.
mikieelmo - September 26, 2010, 3:35 pm, #195615
ok cool
Hawamleh - September 26, 2010, 3:09 pm, #195612
you know man the whole burka religion bull**** = ignorance.. its pretty easy man..
mikieelmo - September 26, 2010, 3:04 pm, #195611
i don't get it


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forseti - April 26, 2011, 3:41 pm, #217395
d***... of course this was a reply to comment #217392 by Airman.
forseti - April 26, 2011, 3:40 pm, #217394
Well, it's available over here, but only by pay tv. I'll pay for ESPN in the future perhaps. But mainly because of the NHL games.
Airman - April 26, 2011, 2:56 pm, #217392
if the billionaires and the millionaires can't get over their greed pretty soon, then there will only be ONE football this year. I am surprised the NFL network isn't available to Europe via Dish or Cable
forseti - April 26, 2011, 1:27 pm, #217384
I really don't know how you mean this but I have an idea... Anyway, I love FOOTBALL but I really like football too. Unfortunately the ordinary networks don't broadcast NFL or other football games. We only see the Superbowl (Monday morning)...
Airman - April 26, 2011, 12:50 pm, #217378
Indeed. I was cruising with the remote this weekend.. and discovered there is a Soccer Channel on Comcast! Riveting

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